Natural Style

This type of interior design, which reflects elements of closeness to nature, creates a purer, more authentic natural style that relieves people of tension and stress. Predictably, the push for natural looks and materials will continue to make solid wood and veneer homes more popular. And more close to the natural texture, color and material design, will also be the mainstream tone of the next few years.


Playfulness is responsible, emphasizes “being yourself”, it is not only a hedonistic behavior, and not only means leisure and escape from work pressure, it has become a spirit, considered a style of life – carefree, in the mind not to be It has become a spirit that is considered a style of life – carefree, not trapped in thought by demands and labor, humorous, with relaxation from the body and mind. As a result, the fashion industry has become more and more respectful of the “spirit of entertainment”, designers are making a big deal of “funism”, and various “funism” home products appear in life The odds are higher than one. “Playfulness” is beginning to become a new style, representing a casual, honest, joyful and healthy outlook and state of life – working with the spirit of entertainment, seeking a happy way of working. Living with the spirit of entertainment, giving up norms and seriousness, saying goodbye to hypocrisy and pressure, discovering more possibilities and more happiness.

Sharp Chinese Style

Wrapping the traditional soul with modern elements is the core concept of Sharp Chinese Style, for example, it will line and abstract the Chinese style, let it evolve in the middle of tradition and modernity, and combine with what is needed in the present life, split and reorganize, and constitute a new visual sense. Not carved dragons and phoenixes is called Chinese elements, sharp Chinese style is more of a “root” temperament, such as cheongsam, such as Chinese red, such as Ming furniture, Beijing opera, Kunqu, paper cutting, etc., these deep-rooted elements into the modern design of the feeling.

Zebra pattern

Zebras have become very unique animals because of their black and white stripes. Zebra prints are very popular in both clothing and home. Zebra print is a very bright and eye-catching interior design element. Originally used for interior decoration by people who loved to travel and hunt, the zebra print is now more popular. The black and white colors that make up the zebra print are both modern and appropriate for bedding, tablecloths, rugs and more.

Thousand Birds Plaid

Originating from the Welsh princely plaid, also known as the Glen plaid, this tweed pattern has been a favorite of the British aristocracy since it was worn by the Duke of Windsor in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was once called “dogtooth”, “dogtooth”, and “hen’s claw”. The Duke of Windsor was the first celebrity to wear it, and after the celebrity effect, this tweed pattern became the favorite of the British aristocracy in the 19th and 20th centuries. The earliest way to make the bird’s nest on the fashion stage, and sat on the top of the noble and elegant is Christian Dior, in 1948 Mr. Dior will optimize the combination of the dogtooth pattern used in the packaging box of perfume, but also gave it a good enough name – bird’s nest. 2013 trends in home accessories, from fabric to home decor. The 2013 trend in home accessories, from fabric to home decor, began to popular bird grid.


Popular streamline shape, creating a soft visual effect, but its streamlined lines, a single material, and bright colors, all show a delicate, elegant and smooth design style. Every detail can be seen in the designers’ careful consideration of ergonomics. Let users rest their feet on the chair bar designed in a serrated shape to increase resistance to avoid slippery feet; and the back of the flat seat surface is slightly upward design to prevent the sitter from accidentally leaning back and falling off the chair. Thoughtful design is even shown in the stacking of multiple chairs together to facilitate the handling of storage. Acrylic furniture = Scandinavian + minimalist + bright colors + fashion


The most avant-garde interiors are always the ones that exemplify a mix of bright colors, bold patterns and eccentric details. Join in on the neo-folkloric revival! All you need to do is incorporate the magical forest of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale into your design, along with the elaborate little house. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Magic stories are always fascinating, and in real life, the magic style has invaded the home field as well. Whether it’s with lighting, materials or decorations, magic is a flash of creativity and inspiration without being clich├ęd imagination.

Entertainment spirit

In the traditional sense, a few is a few, a stool is a stool, a bed is a bed, and a table is a table. Years of habits have led to a solidified mindset, which is reflected in all aspects of life! Whether it is modern or retro furniture, simple or cumbersome home, you can also create a playful effect. Just change your thinking, you will find that pop can make happy humor resident in your home, nostalgic decoration can also be very modern and humorous, bright decoration can also capture the spirit of whimsy.

Forest system

The modern people, who are walking through the concrete and cement, are eager to see greenery and breathe freshness. The use of plants as an accent is an indispensable element of forest home decoration. The use of forest home in the use of color to earth colors, earth, bark, leaves, dead leaves and other tones as a supplement, the use of corrosion, weathering, cold water penetration in the form of texture, the modern fashion appearance and the spirit of nature cleverly integrated, so that the home environment, each arrangement is organic and dynamic, in a quiet and harmonious atmosphere to show vitality.

Second skin

In the past year or two, the fashion industry popular “healing system”, nude color will be because of the stress-free, soothing emotions, with a soothing psychological implication, has become a popular color in the international fashion industry. The emergence of nude colors has become the new favorite of many “hipsters” and has led the way for a new trend in home decor. Nude, initially from the skin, lips similar to the color, including flesh, beige, khaki, brown, etc., non-aggressive, with any color can be harmoniously matched, will not steal the limelight with any color, and therefore gradually become the new favorite fashion trendsetters, and lead the new trend of home decoration design. The so-called second skin is exactly the trend of nude color in the home industry, and how to match nude color, and what kind of feeling derived from it.

Tribal home

Tribal home style is a kind of rebellion and release after people have been bound by the rules of urban existence for too long, aiming to regain the lost wildness of the soul. It expresses the primitive hardness and masculinity through uncarved original wooden utensils, leather decoration and rugged steel materials. Tribal dance is actually some form of expression about the original indigenous or tribal culture. The choice of color is often based on a large sauce color scheme, which usually looks very rich. In the performance of the pattern, also often use some exaggerated bold or full of primitive totem feeling of the pattern.

Happy living

LOHAS is the abbreviation of “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”, which means to live a healthy and self-sufficient life, emphasizing “healthy and sustainable lifestyle”. LOHAS is an acronym for “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”. “HAS is an environmental protection concept, a cultural connotation and a product of the times. It is a kind of natural, healthy and exquisite life attitude close to the origin of life. LOHAS, a cultural connotation, a fashion product, but also an attitude of life. It is gradually seeping into every aspect of our thinking, and even specific to life.