With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, urban green ecological residential community construction has become the focus of modern construction enterprise research, and a good ecological environment can not only make people live more comfortably, but also meet people’s requirements for green ecology.

At the same time, the construction of the community accelerates and improves the grade of urban construction and investment environment, increases the local financial income, solves the employment of migrant workers, and promotes the growth and prosperity of the regional economy has an important impact.

  Green ecological residential community meaning and characteristics

The so-called green ecological residential community for that matter is a community that promotes harmony between people and nature. The construction of green ecological community can link nature and technology together, reduce man-made destruction of ecological environment and lay the foundation for human survival.

At the same time, it is also an effective measure to achieve reasonable and optimal allocation of resources. To build a green ecological community, it is necessary to adhere to the people-oriented approach and take the green economy as the basis. For the green ecological residential community, it mainly has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality and high management technology.

  China’s urban green ecological community construction inevitability

  (a) Excessive consumption of construction resources

With the development of the residential construction industry, there are also many resource consumption problems, which not only need to waste a lot of water resources, but also affect the city air and take up a lot of land, and these problems lead to excessive consumption of construction resources.

Modern people are more and more concerned about green ecological environment, therefore, urban green ecological community construction has become the pursuit of people, hoping to reduce the consumption of construction resources in this way.

  (b) Support of national policies

Although China does not have laws and regulations specifically for urban green ecological community construction, there are construction issues related to green residential communities in existing laws and regulations, especially in recent years, there are relevant contents of green ecological residential community construction in many policies in China, such as environmental protection law, environmental management system and environmental protection standards, etc. Thus, it can be seen that the state is adopting various policies for green ecological This shows that the country is providing the foundation for the construction of green ecological residential communities through various policies.

  The impact of green ecological residential community construction on local social and economic construction

  (1) Creating a large number of employment opportunities and improving people’s living standards

The construction of green ecological residential community has a large amount of engineering, long construction period and large investment, which requires a large amount of labor, and the main force of the construction industry is mainly migrant workers in the city, which not only broadens the road of employment and survival for migrant workers.

The construction of green ecological residential community needs a lot of steel, cement, wood, asphalt, sand and pebbles, seedlings and other building materials, which has a huge driving effect on the local related industries. Green ecological residential community can drive the development of the surrounding economy and trade, which involves transportation, agricultural production, post and telecommunications, supporting commercial, catering services, finance, culture and health industries, which in turn create a large number of jobs for urban employment.

Therefore, the construction of green ecological residential communities can, on the one hand, improve the quality of life of people in towns; on the other hand, promote local economic growth, constantly increase the economic income of people in the region, which is conducive to increasing the production and income of local residents, getting rid of poverty and improving the living standard and quality of local people.

  (2) favorable to expand the scale of urban economy, optimize the regional economic structure, increase local financial revenue

For example, the construction scale of Yimen County Teachers’ District Project is 199,000 square meters, with a total investment of 260 million yuan, a greening rate of 33.76%, a plot ratio of 2.0, and a construction cycle of four years (from September 2005 to December 2008), which is a project entrusted by the local government to develop and socially invest in the construction of the project, which directly generates more than 35 million tax revenue for the local treasury, and sells the surrounding The income from the sale of the surrounding stores and garages is more than 45 million, accounting for 8% of the fiscal revenue this year. The green ecological community construction has played a pulling and radiating role in the development of related industries.

It directly drives the development of many economic sectors and industries such as cement, steel, sand and gravel, plumbing and electrical equipment, and plays a positive role in promoting the development of the local regional economy. And after the green ecological residential community is built, it will drive the development of surrounding industries such as transportation, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, stores, cultural and entertainment facilities, etc., forming a scale economy in a certain area, the local economic structure is optimized, the economic income of these industries grows, the taxes and fees paid also increase, and the corresponding local fiscal revenue also increases. The economic scale of the city is expanded, and plays a unique role in promoting urbanization in the local area.

  (3) improve people’s living environment, accelerate and enhance the grade of urban construction, optimize the investment environment

  First of all, the construction of green ecological residential district not only focuses on the ecological benefits, landscape benefits, economic benefits and social benefits of the district, but also effectively solves the housing problems of some residents, improves the living environment and living conditions of the residents in the district, and realizes the principle of harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature. It makes the community integrated in the general environment of the city and becomes an organic part of the city.

The coordination of the building volume, color and spatial relationship of the green ecological community with the surrounding environment creates a modern garden environment with rich natural landscape resources. It significantly improves the quality of life of residents and reflects the requirements of the people-oriented scientific concept of development.

Secondly, the completion of the community will also drive the construction and improvement of the surrounding municipal facilities, from local to overall change the face of the city, but also a city environment re-engineering project, to promote the harmonious development of man and nature, social environment.

For example, after the completion of the teachers’ community in Yimeng County, nearly 1,000 mountain teachers’ housing problem has been solved, so that the rural people’s teachers can also enjoy urban life, and with the occupation of the community, the local government has invested 160 million to improve and expand the surrounding nine city roads and the surrounding five cultural and educational, market and leisure and entertainment venues. For investors to create a good investment environment, the urban landscape to a certain extent reflects the spiritual state of a city, good urban landscape helps to create a good social atmosphere.


Through the above study, we know that green ecological residential community has become an indispensable part of modern ecological environment construction.

Not only can solve the problem of large energy consumption of resources, but also can create a good living environment for people, urban green ecological residential community construction, not only increases the employment of residents, pull social investment, revitalize land resources, increase the income of the local government, while enhancing the grade of urban construction and the overall image of external publicity drive the development of the county regional economy and prosperity.