Creation of pilot clumps of cars Kalina has additionally been utilized for the examination of the tones, explicitly produced for the model new model. Every one of the vehicles were painted in various shadings. With the occasion of techniques of gifted testing utilized the experience of various global firms, notwithstanding home logical exploration foundations. Thought about and the choices of the activity of vehicles in the Russian circumstances.

The back suspension – Americana, with screw round and hollow springs and water powered adjustable safeguards of two-sided activities. The essential burden conveying component suspension pillar with welded to it via усилитители longitudinal switches. Inside the bar passes pole stabilizer of cross over strength, the closures of that are welded to the switches.

Thirdly, presented an electronic framework plan determinations. Because of Engineers has turned into much less difficult to work with, it is more straightforward to associate with fashioners, technologists and creation staff. Utilized in the Lada project Kalinaтехнологии programmatic experiences have permitted to diminish the time and volume of testing. The aftereffects of certain checks gave the affirmation that Kalina will endure the accreditation tests. Also, new systems of planning hereinafter ensure the excellent of assembling of the car, as a result of the stuff is arranged on numerical designs, the e-records. Experts of “ASOMI” created and applied in upholds TM ASOMI auto Lada Kalina and Lada Priora further developed travel stops bounce back and pressure with advanced plan.

Furthermore, inside the plan of the thoughts, you likely can choose a specific flexible ring , the finger nut and the front of the blanket . To unscrew the nuts fixing the tip, you really want to warm up the string. Without this, to switch the controlling ideas “Kalina” doesn’t constantly work. It is achievable to warm up on a reach or a straightforward fuel can. Subsequent to driving the metallic, you need to evaporate nuts. From that point forward, they may decidedly get out.

The front orientation of the shafts 18 and 12 are curling iron, back 3 and 37 – balls. The outspread leeway in roller direction mustn’t surpass zero.04 mm. Under the entry bearing 18 of the optional shaft is the oil gatherer 19, the oilfield of the oil inside the shaft. A fifth hex number is expected to eliminate the abatement timing safeguard. Then, you need to eliminate the driving rod pulley, for this you want a right hand. He ought to initiate the fifth stuff, press the brake pedal.

Turn the bolt is managed by the camber point of the front wheels. A considerable piece of crafted by Lada Kalina held analyzers дорожниками. To advance the design of a choice of frameworks of Lada Kalina have been analyzed on the streets of автополигона with intermittent on location visits to the US. One of the instances of new plan choices – for the essential time on autos LADA may be applied cone shaped spring entry suspension. Auto components and tuning for LADA vehicles. This restricts the development of the rack pole and molded a dynamic characteristic of the greatest assistance TM ASOMI, which expands its power utilization at more modest all out aspects.

Eliminate the front wheel from the side of the tip of the controlling push. Holding the sleeve with a key to 27, screw the fresh out of the box new tip with the very number of insurgencies that unscrewed the former one. Then, we flip to the ideal assortment of turns another controlling tip of Lada Kalina and secure it in the opposite request, with out neglecting to introduce a pin on the nut. Splash the wheel inside the contrary wheel inverse from the shot and shower the directing tip associations with the WD – 40 fluid. Fix the tip on the hankering to a great deal upsets, as long as the former one was cleaned. On account of this, you’ll need to save sort of adequate sending of the entry wheels.

In this way, consider the one of a kind and non-unique parts of the circumstance framework, which might be introduced on 8-valve Lada Kalina. Experienced Kalinovods from our area don’t suggest that you essentially take a dayco crankshaft belt. The photo uncovers a DAYCO belt with a mileage of 20,000 km. Video of supplanting the crankshaft belt with a Lada Kalina . In any case, subsequent to concentrating on this article, you can not exclusively figure out how to change this unit, however moreover pick the legitimate extra components and decide the circumstance of the circumstance. With the shiny new tensioner and guides introduced, the belt could be placed on.

It is essential to unscrew the pressure pin of the generator with the head on “10”, remove its belt. From that point onward, you need to set the circumstance drive as per the imprints. This is best finished with killed wheel on the legitimate side of the vehicle. For dependability, they introduce a help under the edge of the vehicle, eliminate the wheel. Presently, with a wrench, you should flip the bolt on the driving rod pulley clockwise till the imprint on the camshaft pulley agrees with the imprint on the back assurance cover. and NBSP In request to avoid unexpected turn on the transmission of the converse gearbox, the solenoid lock is set to alter on the opposite transmission.

Try not to forget to grease up the strung half by Litol, to work with the eliminating of the following substitutions. The crankshaft belt must be tensioned with pincers, turning the curling iron in the way demonstrated by the bolts, until the imprints on it are adjusted. The securing nut is fixed with a # 17 spanner wrench. On the off chance that the imprints on any of the camshafts have moved, you’ll need to relax the belt and change the camshaft.

Regularly, the thoughts start to show the indications of the breakdown while bridging the lopsided parkway. On the off chance that you get into a little pit, a thump will be given into the directing wheel. Holding the screwdriver, release the fastener with a sharp development, unscrew it and eliminate the pulley.

Rather than forceps, you should utilize 2 self-tapping screws embedded into the openings and a screwdriver for pivot. Fix the alternator pulley mounting bolt and switch the driving rod clockwise by turning. The ensuing advance will be to relax the pressure roller nut. We leave positive that the imprints on the camshaft and the safeguarding cowl furthermore concur.

The plan of the field was updated, and the following arrangement amount was added to the name . Think about the choices of the link designated spot. Lock or recall the number of insurgencies you might have done until the tip is totally eliminated. In any case, after the gathering, issues could show up with the circumstance of wheels. On the off chance that you remember the assortment of transformations, you can basically gather the hub set up.

They start with the camshaft pulleys, while guaranteeing that the belt branch between them doesn’t have a diversion. A little amount of liquid catalyst is depleted from the motor cooling framework assuming that the siphon is changed. 2013 was the extended period of birth of Lada Kalina 2, which was totally modernized contrary to its ancestor. The auto has end up being in style not just inside the locales of the Russian Federation, however likewise inside the countries of all over abroad.

Preceding the start of sequential assembling was raised a many pilot vehicles Lada Kalina . The greater part of the examples thrust bearing LADA went to the different tests. A portion of the vehicles as a display of duplicates partook in Russian and overall display areas.

Arrangement of assembling of vehicles Lada Kalina was the obligation of the plant material, and she was addressed in close participation of all divisions of AVTOVAZ. We depict the primary varieties and benefits of supporting TM ASOMI. Diminished the point of the angle of the synchronizer tooth (from one hundred 25 to 100º), as well as the preset drive .

On Kalina it turns out some place turns . Eliminate the hub on the contrary side in a split second from the guiding push. Be careful – the turn ought to be made inside the way of development of the clockwise.

Area «Tables» specifics standard metalware, oil seals and heading, offering a sketch for each product with its overal aspects. Codes of the standard equipment, which vary exclusively inside the last two digits, normally are not displayed in this part. Upholds TM ASOMI vehicle Lada Kalina and Lada Priora has the legitimate proportion of hub and spiral attributes of 1500 N/mm and 400 N/mm, individually (Fig. 5 and Fig. 6). Due to this dependence TM ASOMI has an extremely lengthy assistance life and ideal execution for commotion, vibration and managing the board. In case of help experts of “ASOMI” follow the ideas of WOCO, a world boss in the plan and assembling of elastic product for vehicles. The contraption of the greatest assist with swaggering entry suspension TM ASOMI auto Lada Kalina and Lada Priora.

The sensor is introduced on the gearbox crankcase. It should likewise be well known that the vibes of a quality thump inside the space of \u200b\u200bthe front wheels while moving in little abnormalities is confirmed by the wear of the thoughts. Supplant the guiding tips of “Kalina” is simple assuming you set up an auto to hold out the maintenance. The drawback could happen with the power source of the nuts situated on the foothold – they are tossed over the long haul.

To the auto administration you’ll reach without solid wear of elastic. The way to “22” wind the bolts which are mounted to the directing rake. Impretten the lock plate, which is arranged under the affixing bolts to the rake. Eliminate the defensive case, winding the nut with the fundamental thing to “10”. Unscrew the fastener to which the tip on the push is mounted. Under the back tires, be positive to put two stops all together that the machine doesn’t move while fixing.

Holding the key “On the 27 change strung sleeve, turn the tip, counting the quantity of upheavals, with the goal that the new tip may be wrapped on similar number of upsets. Head on 17 debilitated the fixing of the tip of the tip of the controlling push. In the event that the changing sleeve is looked alongside the tip – hold the sleeve with a key to 27.

Note that inside the new tip there is no kickback, on the grounds that the squeezing of the ball finger to the supplement might be extremely thick. After some time, the liner is placed on out, and the finger seems an extra region for move. In flip, the presence of the reinforcement impressively demolishes the managing of the machine. In the wake of changing the tip of the directing push, it’s important to call for checking and changing the wheel assembly.

The greater part of the proprietors conviction the experts to hold out this work, but with a fabulous craving and abilities in overhauling the vehicle, it very well may be achieved freely. It ought not be deferred for the “future”, as a tie breakage will injury the valves in the chamber head. The substitution work will require around two hours from the main impetus. Lodging grasp associated six bolts with flywheel of motor. In the flywheel there are three pins, which while placing in the grip remembered for the relating openings of the fenced in area, центрируя it. Three sets of versatile steel plates cowl related with a push drive.

The strung association of the tip can be firmly rusted. Then, at that point, it will be vital for put forth a genuine attempt to create and unscrew it. It could happen that the going with endeavors won’t be sufficient, on the grounds that it turned out for our situation. Then, at that point, it’s important to unscrew the controlling hankering totally and brace it in the bad habit.

Visual assessment of the belt is done by eliminating the plastic cover, screwed on with M6 fasteners with a ten mm wrench. An item that has breaks, tears or stripping ought to be altered quickly. In the event that no imperfections are found during visual investigation, it’s fundamental to analyze the strain, for which, in a free region, flip the crankshaft belt round its pivot. With a brilliant stretch, it will not pivot more noteworthy than ninety °.

There are an amount of reasons for the disappointment of the crankshaft belt on the Lada Kalina with 8 valves. Enough large decision timing rollers gave to the owner of the 8-valve Lada Kalina. It should be well known that a ton of the items from the table have prime quality assembling, and furthermore have a valuable asset of around forty,000 km. Supplanting the crankshaft belt on the Lada Kalina requires around 2 hours of work.

Break-basically the most obnoxious situation that can happen in the city with a crankshaft belt. For this situation, the engine will completely slow down and it will be achievable to start it again exclusively by placing in a spic and span factor. For the solace of ensuing get together, we fix the camshaft pulleys.

You should thoroughly think about their decision, since it is feasible to sell fakes underneath the appearance of marked things. Whenever the belt is twisted on the pulleys of the siphon, driving rod, tensioner, it must be pulled. With a hexagon numbered 5, unscrew 5 electrical discharges upper planning cover, 2 screws of the decline security.

Lada 1118 Kalina is the five-entryway car, the model of the Kalina vehicles created by AVTOVAZ. The advanced, exquisite appearance, a cozy parlor, a magnificent sensibility – the fundamental quality for town vehicle, which thoroughly claims the new Lada Kalina. The versatile property of the spiral orientation TM ASOMI auto Lada Kalina and Lada Priora.

A solenoid switch is introduced on the stuff switch. At the point when gotten the ring underneath the arrangement with, the electrical switch contacts are shut, and voltage is given to the solenoid. The center of the solenoid is drawn and makes it feasible to empower the opposite transmission. If there should be an occurrence of disappointment of the solenoid or the bluff of its electrical circuit, turn on the transmission of the converse becomes unimaginable. For this situation, during the movement of the vehicle, care should be taken to coincidentally not actuate the converse stuff all things considered. Subsequent to dispensing with the glitch, it’s crucial for add oil into the gearbox, since some portion of it follows when the solenoid is turned.

The plan of the gearbox was upgraded and made more solid, however moreover to essentially completely dispose of obnoxious vibrations on the switch and the vehicle body. Lufts have end up being less, and exchanging more clear. It is important that the use of an overhauled gearbox on Lada Grant and Lada Kalina 2 prompted an ascent in the cost of these autos on normal by 5000 rubles. By the most ideal way, the link enclose isn’t placed on the Lada Priora, the MCPP-2180 is utilized on this car with unyielding foothold. The thoughts of the directing push incorporate various significant hubs – packaging with a semi-pivot, a ball finger , the Teflon liner , the anther , the cover on Case .