Washing channel press is a sort of washing and sifting hardware which can isolate the strong fluid of slurry in modern creation, and simultaneously can isolate the solvent particles contained in the channel cake after the strong fluid division, and pass the washing water to accomplish the detachment of dissolvable particles from the channel cake, framing a low water content channel cake [1]. The hardware consolidates filtration and washing capacities in one, guaranteeing a low water content and high limit of the channel cake while accomplishing a washing pace of 99.5%. It is generally utilized in businesses, for example, gold cyanide expulsion [2], alumina red mud, lithium salt, white manure, wet metallurgy, inorganic salt substance, and non-metallic mineral practical items.

Washing and separating press is essentially made out of washing and sifting instrument [3], washing and separating plate backing, squeezing and pulling away system, pressure driven component, shrewd control instrument, PLC the executives helper control component, pipe opening and shutting actuator [3].
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Under the strain of the feed siphon, the fluid material to be sifted is taken care of into each channel chamber, and the strong fluid partition is accomplished through the channel media (reasonable channel fabrics are chosen by various businesses). [3] Sludge is shaped on the channel  industrial filter press material until it fills the chambers to frame a channel cake. The filtrate moves through the channel material and along the depressions of the channel plate to the power source opening channel underneath, where it is released halfway. After filtration, the ooze is washed with clean washing water. Subsequent to washing, packed air is acquainted with eliminate the excess washing fluid and to recover the without water channel fabric. Toward the finish of filtration, the channel press is opened and the channel cake is released through a programmed releasing gadget (the cake is put away between two nearby channel plates) and the plates are re-compacted to begin the following working cycle [4].
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Washing channel press is a sort of hardware with both washing and sifting capacities. In real creation, it is qualified gear just when the accompanying markers are accomplished.
1、Washing attributes: no requirement for synthetic compounds, washing pace of 99.5%, appropriate for cyanide tailings decyanidation [2], titanium dioxide, lithium battery materials, bentonite and other washing and filtration fields.
2, control highlights: through PLC + contact screen shrewd control, a solitary working cycle (from squeezing the channel plate, taking care of, squeezing and blowing dry, washing, pulling off the release) consequently finished by one key.
3、Compatible capacity: separating and washing can be finished in one machine, supplanting the conventional joined sifting mixing washing-sifting process.
4、Operating expense: 0.5-multiple times washing water utilization, saving 70% contrasted and customary hardware, half contrasted and conventional gear in gas and power utilization