If you were polishing to a high sheen, after going from 50 to 400 or 200 to 400, you would then proceed through 800, 1500 and 3000 grit pads. We do not recommend dry grinding, and in fact it cannot be used if you are going to apply a coating sealer. Stadea diamond tools are preferred choice of stone fabricators, manufacturers and DIY’rs. As the best polish pads manufacturer, we have maintained an international quality standard for our products. We have separate quality control and testing department with aids us in obtaining and maintaining the standards. Multiple-purpose Metal bond diamond grinding wheel for grinding concrete and stone.Multi-purpose Diamond grinding wheel can undertake heavy workload with heated steel alloy body. With the knowledge we’ve obtained over the past 30 years we have now a range of pads that works exceptionally well under a wide range of machines and on an even wide range of floors – using just water.

Ideal for converting diamond polishing pad backers for use in drills. Polish or clean your worktop drainer grooves with these easy to use diamond hand pads. Fantastic polishing of stone surfaces with the 5″ velcro Tool Jungle Fat Boy Polishing Pads. Fantastic surface polishing with the 7″ velcro Tool Jungle Fat Boy Polishing Pads. Works on all solid stone and quartz. The 37-LGPCDBar incorporates 2 offset 3/8” PDC diamonds with an angled 30 grit metal segment . Both are ideal in thick coatings removal including acrylics, urethanes, epoxies, mastics, thin set and most cementitious overlay and adhesive materials.

You will find that eventually the color will begin showing off. The diamond polishing discs you used to finish polishing the granite table top will eventually complete the task at 3000 grip setting. These are the same pads as our 100mm Premium Dry diamond Polishing pads but produced in a shape to fit Oscillating multi tools. Identical to our foam backed diamond hand pads, just without the foam. Ideal for final finishing of all natural stone, perfect for wrapping around your finger to finish drainer grooves or those awkward to reach tight spots. A 100mm 3 step diamond polishing pad system for polishing lighter coloured materials particualrly Quartz. Aimed squarely at the professional user, these dry pads have a very high quality and quantity of diamond saw blade. Not only do they polish to an exceptional degree they also offer a long lifespan. Designed for harder or more abrasive materials such as Granite, Concrete, Terrazzo, Porcelain and some very hard Marbles.