Unlike most other massage guns, the addsfit comes with an astonishing 3 year warranty! It also comes with a premium case and 5 dedicated silicone massage attachments for ultimate comfort. Addsfit claims the motor runs at a very quiet 39 decibels with a 9 speed motor.

Although they offer unique and powerful massage guns, they are only limited to Amazon. With a little dedication, they can evolve as a good massage gun brand. With a stall force of 30 lbs and 12 mm stroke length, it provides percussion similar, if not better, as many expensive devices. Due to strong percussion, Medcursor Mini will prove an excellent choice for deep tissue therapy that most athletes need. Putting on the lowest setting, then gradually working my way up, the Sportneer was best when I was using it for light pressure on sore spots.

For example, the Fork nozzle does amazingly well along the spine, while the Ball head is great for neck and other sensitive areas. driven and determined to succeed, the SoarFX Percussion Massage Gun may be a real boon for you. It can effectively repair your body after intensive workouts, activating its latent powers to promote faster recovery rates.

When it comes to accessories and features, there is no denying that the Theragun PRO is the clear winner. With six different massage tips, an extra battery, and customizable programs and presets via Bluetooth connectivity, the Theragun yet again proves itself to be a versatile wunderkind. Sporting quality tips but requiring that you purchase the carrying case separately, we were less impressed by the Hyperice Hypervolt, which also lacks any settings beyond variable speed. It is typical for a percussive muscle massage gun to have several different tips, attachments, or accessories to achieve various therapeutic effects and to target specific muscle groups.

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The 24-volt, high-torque brushless motor operates between 35 and 55 decibels so using it around your neck and shoulders doesn’t completely blast your eardrums. It comes with multiple targeted attachments and has an extended battery life of up to three hours. The company carrying case makes it easy to take with you to the gym or when traveling.

Now, since many nonessential, in-person appointments like massage therapy sessions are being cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, it may the best time for you to invest in your own massage gun. It has more signature features and power for optimal deep muscle treatment. For one, it provides 30% more power at speeds 1 through 3 so your muscles get the treatment they need for faster recovery. The ACHEDAWAY massage gun, which has five different speed adjustments and five massage heads that are ideal for treating the most tender muscle areas, has 85% five-star Amazon ratings. It’s powerful, yet quiet, and comes equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that prevents overuse that can lead to muscle injury. The Hyperice Hypervolt is often a top pick because it’s smoother and quieter than other massage gun models.

This way you don’t lose batteries or need to purchase an extra charging base. Hyperice does not come with a protective carrying case for the main device, only a pouch for your attachments. If you need a smaller massage gun that still has some power, Therabody also has the superlight Theragun Mini – pictured below. So to answer the question – in almost all quantifiable ways, a massage gun is better than a foam roller.

You will find that they have a heft to them that tells us they are legit materials, not just some cheap plastic. This is a fantastic all-round massager that gave us the quietest and smoothest massage out of all the others. Whether you are a professional athlete, or an everyday office worker, you will not be disappointed with this massage gun. Our favourite massage gun is the HOPOSO Massage Gun Muscle Massager.

This TOLOCO massage gun would be a perfect fit those who love work out and want to relief the muscle pain after a long tiring day. The massage gun is designed with a powerful vibration which is really effective in relieving the muscle stiffness and soreness. The material built in the gun handle is made out of Nano silicone prevents the product not to be slippery and sweat less while using the massage gun. These motors have the advantage of being relatively small all the while staying relatively powerful and efficient.

Extremely powerful massage gun with a curved easy to grip handle and a three-angle adjustable massage head. Get deep tissue massages with those higher speeds or dial it down for a nice light massage to end a long day. It has 6 speeds and 4 detachable heads so you still get quite a bit of variety and options to choose from, helpful for those everyday jobs or those tougher jobs that everyone has from time to time.

This gun has a nice design with a pivoting arm that can be adjusted to three different angles so as to provide users with a full-body reach. There is no need to be concerned about manufacturer mishaps with your Zarifa USA product. Our quality massage tools come with a Peace of Mind One Year Warranty that covers any and all manufacturer defects.

This is one of the primary ways massage guns fail, next to the lithium battery failing to hold charge. In these three models at least, I have not found stall force limiations an issue. Noise is one of the main areas of improvement for massage guns over the last two years. Some early models sounded much like power tools, because that’s more or less what they were.